Prestage Farms, Clinton, N.C., announced plans to construct a new pork processing plant in Eagle Grove, Iowa. The plant, slated to be operational in 2018, will house nearly 900 employees and process 10,000 hogs per shift and 600 million pounds of pork annually.

The facility will export up to 30% of its products to Mexico, China and Japan, and will sell product domestically to companies who will prepare or process for the consumer market.

The plant will also host cutting-edge systems such as advanced robotics and high-powered waterjet cutters. Wasted heat will radiate through the floors to warm the pigs vs. being released through smoke stacks. Plus, the plant is estimated to use 25% less water than a plant built a decade ago.

Another feature is the thermal oxidizer to incinerate odors before air is released. Finally, covered wastewater lagoons will capture methane gas and burn as an added energy source.