About 33% of consumers make an effort to buy only (or mostly) organic and natural products, according to a study produced by Valassis, Livonia, Mich. This percentage increases substantially among parents (48%) and Millennials (50%), despite the often higher prices. Additionally, 10% of parents and 14% of Millennial parents now have meal kits delivered to their homes once a week to help grapple with their increasingly busy schedules.

Retailers and e-commerce brands continue to innovate and advance the grocery landscape. Valassis’ data, derived from its 2K18 Coupon Intelligence Report, reveals how today’s dynamic consumer makes grocery purchases amid these industry shifts.

“Our Coupon Intelligence Report data reinforces that the path to purchase for grocery items is no longer a static and ritual journey. From home delivery services to the growing presence of organic items, emerging channels and trends are changing the way shoppers buy, and in turn, how brands reach and activate their target audiences,” said says Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer. “Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience and unique shopping experiences, as well as deals and coupons. Brands and retailers that offer these dimensions of value on a consistent basis across a multitude of channels will ultimately see the greatest ROI.”

Additional takeaways from Valassis’ grocery findings include:

  • When shoppers are planning grocery trips, coupons are extremely influential.
    • 81% of consumers search for coupons online, increasing among parents (91%) and Millennials (88%).
    • 87% find coupons in print sources such as newspaper coupon books or mail.
    • 73% download paperless discounts onto their store shopper/loyalty program.
  • Beyond savings, other key motivators for grocery store selection include:
    • One-of-a-kind shopping. 36% of shoppers seek stores that provide a unique or special experience. This rises with parents (56%) and Millennials (55%).
    • Neighborhood stores. 55% of shoppers try to shop local.
  • Stores still have a big opportunity to meet the growing demand for online shopping.  
    • 14% of parents and 15% of Millennial parents are ordering groceries once a week.
    • 17% of parents and 20% of Millennial parents order groceries online once a week from a local store and pick them up in store.

About the study

The study was fielded in the third quarter of 2017 in conjunction with a global, third-party market research firm with proficiency in internet surveys. The sample was derived from an online consumer opinion panel, and all participants were at least 18 years of age and living in the contiguous United States. Consumers were emailed an invitation to participate in the survey, and were given three days to complete it. The survey was closed once 1,000 completed responses had been reached. The responses were weighted by factors obtained from national census data to provide appropriate representations of demographic groups at summary levels.