METTLER TOLEDO, Switzerland, launched the new handheld density meter product line Density2Go. The instrument models Densito and DensitoPro measure the density of liquids as well as many of its derivatives, such as Brix, % Alcohol and more.

Digital density measurement is an ideal alternative to manual methods involving pycnometers and hydrometers. The fully automatic determination of a sample’s density increases repeatability, prevents operator error and ensures smoother work processes.

The new Density2Go line allows for one-handed operation, leaving the other hand free for sample handling. Simply press a button, and the built-in sample pump fills or drains the cell automatically.

Available in 13 languages, the intuitive user interface ensures easy operation. Users are guided through workflow from start to finish via the on-screen directions.

EasyDirect Density and Refractometry PC software offer basic data management, including result overview and chart creation to monitor processes over time. The instruments are designed for all environments, lab and field, and for a variety of industries, including food and beverage.

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