Graceland Fruit, Frankfort, Mich., expanded its Warrens, Wis., operations through an alliance with Cranberry Growers Cooperative (CranGrow), Warrens, Wis.

Graceland Fruit purchases Wisconsin cranberries to manufacture dried cranberries in its Frankfort facilities. The CranGrow alliance provides Graceland Fruit with increased manufacturing capacity to support its global growth plans, and provides CranGrow members/growers access to worldwide markets through Graceland Fruit’s sales network.

“We have established invaluable relationships in the marketplace, as well as a strong sales force that has resulted in demand outpacing our current manufacturing capacity. In 2017, CranGrow opened a new, modern production facility, and will benefit from a more established market. So, it made sense to work together to meet mutual goals,” says Al DeVore, chief executive officer of Graceland Fruit.

Graceland Fruit’s manufacturing capacity will increase by approximately 30% with the addition of a 50,000-square-foot processing facility.  

CranGrow will remain an independent grower cooperative that supplies Graceland Fruit. All 61 current CranGrow employees at the Warrens facility will become Graceland Fruit employees, increasing the company’s total employment to approximately 275.

“We’re excited to begin this alliance that will greatly benefit both CranGrow and Graceland Fruit,” says Linda Prehn, board chair of CranGrow. “Graceland Fruit is a world leader in the production of dried cranberries. By combining our resources in Wisconsin with Graceland’s manufacturing expertise and global sales network, we are establishing a solid future for growers, employees and the community.”

“Members of Graceland Fruit’s research and development, technical and quality staffs are working hand-in-hand at the Wisconsin facility to assist the team in implementing Graceland Fruit’s rigorous standards, ensuring that the new facility produces the consistent quality customers have come to expect from Graceland Fruit products,” adds DeVore.