Bayernland, Germany, launched a new Mozzarella Wrap to the German market earlier this year. The thin, rolled-out sheets of mozzarella can be filled as desired, rolled up or served as slices for baked pasta dishes or casseroles.

But, the shape of the mozzarella required a specially designed packaging format. That’s why Greiner Packaging International GmbH, Germany, developed a long and narrow plastic tub that offers plenty of space for the rolled-up mozzarella sheet. And, the black-colored packaging black helps the product stand out in the dairy section.

“During development, it was especially important to us to match the packaging precisely to the new filling equipment our customer was using. To ensure that, we worked closely with our partners from the creation of the first prototypes all the way to the final packaging,” says Christian Platzer, key account manager for Greiner Packaging.

Greiner Packaging manufactured the injection molded tubs using polypropylene material and in-mold labeling technology.