Stefano Foods, a Charlotte, N.C.-based division of Smithfield Foods, launched new 22-ounce pizzas in bakeable packaging.

Available in The Five Cheese, The Veggie and The Four Meat, each pizza starts with Stefano Foods’ all-natural, crust, which is hand-made with classical Italian-style ingredients and topped with the company’s rich small-batch marinara sauce.

The Five Cheese has creamy Mozzarella and Provolone, mild Wisconsin Cheddar and sharp, nutty Parmesan and Romano. The Veggie includes strips of red, green and yellow bell peppers, diced Roma tomatoes, white onions and sliced Cremini mushrooms. The Four Meat pizza is topped with loads of zesty pepperoni, traditional Italian sausage, beef crumbles and smoky bacon.

These pizzas are packaged in sustainable, recyclable and bakeable packaging – just remove the clear lid and plastic wrap and slide the pizza in its tray right into the oven. The baking tray encases food items inside a clear plastic dome that allows for damage-free stacking.  The packaging assures an extended retail shelf life that can last up to five days after thawing for pizza products. And, the baking tray is comprised of oven-safe packaging that is certified as fully recyclable material.