Beef International, Pennsauken Township, N.J., underwent a rebranding.

The new company name, B.I. Foods, reflects its commitment to “better ideas.”

B.I. Foods also experienced a $3 million investment in capital improvements, which includes improvements to the plant to increase automation and overall efficiency, computer and technology updates, remodeling the production room, replacing 14 ovens to reduce water and gas consumption and adding 5 new staff members.

“We are at a truly exciting time, as our company continues to grow, and the rebrand personifies that excitement,” says Kevin Ingraldi, president. “We’ve been able to capture the essence of our brand—delicious, quality craft meats—while incorporating the recent updates and our focus on innovating for the future. Relaunching as B.I. Foods ultimately allows us to better serve our customers, which is our personal purpose and passion.”