Tippmann Innovation (Ti), Ft. Wayne, Ind., and The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, are coining a new term, “Cold PI.” 

Ti’s partnership with Georgia Tech and its Supply Chain and Logistics Institute and the Physical Internet Center is rethinking the cold food chain and their logistic systems, so it can behave as a physical Internet. 

The Cold PI, or the Cold Food Physical Internet, is designed for achieving order-of-magnitude improvement of its efficiency, sustainability and resilience. Cold PI will require companies to drop their emphasis on optimizing the use of existing assets, and instead, optimize more efficient delivery of products using available assets regardless of who owns them.

Cold PI was identified and developed by Georgia Tech's professor Benoit Montreuil. Nick Pacitti, head of supply chain and pre-construction at Ti, and David Sterling, managing director at Savills Studley, Inc., will work with the Georgia Tech team and several industry participants.