Entrematic (Loading Dock Products), Carrollton, Texas, introduced new Kelley VERSACHOCK Wheel Chock Wireless Trailer Restraint System (Model KMC), which provides a simple means of securing trailers while effectively communicating operation status with drivers and dock workers to ensure a safe and productive dock operation. 

The Kelley VERSACHOCK is a versatile vehicle restraint system that accommodates a wide variety of trailers and vehicles regardless of the condition or presence of an ICC bar. VERSACHOCK includes a patent-pending, wireless engagement design that provides wheel detection at all engagement ranges and requires no chock cabling or permanent structure installed on the drive to secure the vehicle. In addition, Kelley VERSACHOCK fulfills the requirements of OSHA Regulation 29 CFR - 1910.26(b)(2).

Key features include wireless engagement detection, which provides wheel detection at all engagement ranges; aluminum extrusion construction with a clear hard anodized finish to resist corrosion; pivoting chock sensor arm with reduced storage profile that provides engagement detection; heavy-duty wheel trigger; ¼-inch heavy-duty galvanized steel cradle for secure storage; stainless-steel sawtooth anchor that prevents chock movement under wheel engagement; industrial sensor unit with extended range retroreflective all-weather beam; and a high-intensity, all-weather white LED wheel engagement light that communicates to the operator when the chock is in proper wheel engagement.

The communications system includes an interior Nema 4x control panel with red/green communications lights and an exterior LED red/green all-weather light package with a high visibility yellow/black driver’s communication sign.

Kelley Entrematic