Eden Green Technology, Dallas, Texas, unveiled Crisply, a locally grown, freshly picked, non-GMO and pesticide-, herbicide- and chemical-free produce line.

Eden Green Technology is said to be the first vertical future farm to meet the produce needs of existing regional food distribution systems. Eden Green Technology is also dubbed as the first company to offer freshly picked produce, grown locally at next-generation vertical farms, on a large scale. 

"We are elated to make fresh, hand-picked greens available to everyone who wants to eat high-quality, nutrient-rich produce without spending an entire paycheck," says Jaco Booyens, co-chair. "We pick our produce, package the same-day and stamp the date when they are harvested on the package, so consumers know exactly how fresh their salads are. We also make it possible for our retail partners to put our produce on their shelves immediately after they've been harvested, in some cases that same day. No other company does that."

Crisply produce grows in greenhouses in proprietary vine-like systems, and line includes multiple lettuce, greens and herb varietals. Crisply will also offer fresh Stevia leaves in what is said to be an industry-first sweet salad blend.

Crisply is sold in Walmart stores in Texas.