Humm Kombucha, Los Angeles, developed a proprietary fermentation process for its signature beverage that will make what is said to be the first-ever verified non-alcoholic raw kombucha.

Humm took the age-old process of making kombucha in gallon glass jars and modernized it with a consistent, scalable process. This new process improves flavor consistency while maintaining a live, raw, non-alcoholic beverage that is well below the government standard of 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Humm’s fermentation process is tested both in-house and by an accredited third-party independent laboratory using the AOAC-approved methods for testing alcohol content in kombucha.

“When we started Humm, we thought if we could make a product that was delicious and helped people feel better, it would be a game changer,” says Jamie Danek, co-founder and CEO. “We invested years of research to create a unique way for more people to enjoy real, authentic kombucha with ultimate transparency, safety and taste. We are thrilled to share this innovative process with the industry and future kombucha drinkers.”