Humm Kombucha, Bend, Ore., introduced two new kombucha flavors—Ginger Juniper and Raspberry Hops—delivering just 5 grams of sugar and only 25 calories per serving.

The Raspberry Hops kind pairs raspberry’s tartness with dry hops to provide a balanced finish pulling from local brews.

And, the Ginger Juniper variety pairs ginger and juniper.

Made with certified-USDA organic and all-natural ingredients, this lineup is also verified non-alcoholic, organic, GMO-free and contains 2 billion probiotics at the time of bottling.

“Humm was created to make kombucha for everybody, making what was known as an acquired taste beverage accessible for all types of customers,” says Jamie Danek, co-founder and CEO. “Now, savvy kombucha consumers are steering away from sugar-forward drinks, but they’re still looking for great-tasting kombucha with sugar content that doesn’t overshadow the incredible health benefits and overall enjoyment of the drink.”

“Kombucha can sometimes be a category of extremes; an aggressively vinegary taste or a juice-forward taste that makes it a little easier to enjoy with a fair amount of sugar,” says Mackenzie Stabler, director of innovation. “For these two flavors, we pulled from naturally strong ingredients and paired them with staples we love at Humm to create an extremely well-balanced flavor that folks can enjoy from both a nutritional and taste perspective.”

The new flavors are available in select stores in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest.