The PalletPal Rotator Inverter from Southworth Products Corp., Portland, Maine, offers an easy way to invert a fully loaded pallet without the need for manual re-stacking.

The PalletPal Rotator Inverter is designed for switching loads from in-house pallets to shipping pallets or slip sheets. Other uses include replacing broken pallets, replacing damaged boxes or bags (at the bottom of the load) or turning inventory for mixing.

How it works is, the load is placed into the unit with a forklift or stacker. The operator then engages the powered clamping mechanism to secure the load. Then, at the touch of a button, an anti-friction turret bearing rotates the load a full 180 degrees in about 15 seconds. The rotation can be stopped at any point during the process. The clamping mechanism features adjustable pressure to prevent crushing of lighter loads.

Models are available with a load capacity of 4,400 pounds and clamp openings to accept pallet loads as large as 48x48x84 inches.

Southworth Products Corp.