Steel King Industries announced a new bolted Pallet Load Stop Option, designed for heavy use applications. The pallet stoppers allow perfect placement of pallets every time – providing a fixed 6-inch flue space for pallet rack applications. The pallet safety stops allow for ventilation and provide space for fire suppression sprinklers above the racks to penetrate product stored in racks. The new design provides flexibility of either a 3- or 4-inch set back using the same clip. These load stops are ideal for bay widths of 96, 108 and 144 inches.

Steel King Industries, Inc.



Bag Grippers

Piab introduced heavy-duty bag grippers for palletizing. This end-of-arm tool is suitable for 55- and 110-pound payloads for palletizing plastic, woven cloth or paper bags. The fixed bag width model is ideal for handling a few bag sizes, and can be re-adjusted within 4 minutes to fit the new bag size. The adjustable bag width model is for a low to medium frequency of bag changes, and can be re-adjusted within 30 seconds to fit the new bag size. And, the servo-adjustable bag width model can be adjusted within seconds according to the operators’ needs, and is suitable for the medium to high frequency of bag changes. For all models, independent decking plates square up and align the bag for precise placement on the pallet, creating a tight loading pattern. Top-mounted bag clamps maintain bag position on the tool during robot travel to the pallet. Slip sheet and pallet hook options are available to increase the flexibility even further.



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