Dialight, Farmingdale, N.J., launched a new 597 SMD series of LED indicators, offering tighter intensity binning, reduced light bleed and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for high-performance electronics, networking and control panel applications.

The new models are as follows:

·         0603 Tighter Intensity Binning Series for greater product intensity uniformity and better consistency. Offering two intensity bins max on green, blue and white LEDs and one intensity bin max on red, red-orange, orange, yellow and yellow-green, this series enhances design aesthetics with improved panel and display uniformity.

·         0603 Domed Lens Series with a 60-degree viewing angle, ideal for light pipe applications. The Domed Lens series’ narrow viewing angle reduces light bleed in applications utilizing multiple OptopipeÒ light pipes and offers increased on-axis intensity vs. non-domed products of the same size. The Domed Series is available in seven colors.

·         0805 Reflector Cup Series with a 110-degree viewing angle. The built-in reflector cup projects light wider for better visibility while reducing bleed in light pipe applications and on front panel displays. The 0805 Reflector Cup Series is available in nine colors.

·         0603, 0606, 0805, 1206 Series with integrated Zener Diode for superior ESD protection. Ideal for handheld and portable equipment, ID tags and other movable applications that are at risk of ESD exposure, the ZD Series ensures a more reliable, longer-lasting and more resilient product for end users. The built-in transient voltage suppressor provides Human Body Model Class 2 ESD protection for up to 4,000 volts. This series also guards against instant, catastrophic failure caused by ESD, as well as minor ESD damage that causes performance degradation over time.