Chudleigh's Farm, Milton, Ontario, Canada, announced that its signature baked goods are now available in the freezer aisle of grocery stores such as Metro and Longo’s and other specialty retailers across Ontario, Canada, including Pusateri's, Fiesta Farms and Bruno's Fine Foods.

"It was my mom, Carol Chudleigh, who first began baking apple pie for visitors to the farm," says Scott Chudleigh, co-owner. "She would bake them in our oven and serve them warm, by the slice. It was only when a customer came in asking to take a whole pie home did she realize that she may be onto something. Even though we don't make our pies in her kitchen anymore, we take the same approach as she did all those years ago—made-from-scratch recipes and a commitment to quality, fresh ingredients."

Each product can be reheated in the microwave in under a minute. The complete collection of Chudleigh's baked goods includes:

Chudleigh's Famous Apple Blossoms. Available in Crumble Crunch, Caramel and Apple Berry varieties,
Apple Blossoms start with flaky pastry made from the bakery's signature No. 3 flour blend (milled never more than a few days before it's baked into your dessert). Inside is a mix of freshly-peeled, locally sourced Northern Spy apples, natural cane sugar and Indonesian cinnamon, and topped with either a simple mixture of pastry crumbs, creamery butter, light brown sugar, rolled oats and more cinnamon, or Chudleigh's freshly made cream caramel sauce made with real 35% cream. The Apple Berry Blossoms include wild blueberries, blackberries and raspberries mixed with freshly peeled Northern Spy Apples.

Chudleigh's Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes. Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes begin with an all-butter chocolate cake made with creamery butter, real melted semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder, whole eggs and cake flower. Inside is Chudleigh's own small-batch chocolate ganache made with whipping cream, semi-sweet chocolate, creamery butter and shortening.

Chudleigh's Butter Toffee Sticky Cakes. The Butter Toffee Sticky Cake consists of moist brown sugar cake doused in homemade butter toffee sauce made with real cream, brown sugar and real butter.

Each of Chudleigh's new frozen desserts are available in a two-pack for a suggested retail price of $4.49 and $5.99 per box.