Select Genetics, Willmar, Minn., opened the doors to its new hatchery in Terre Haute, Ind. 

The facility, what is said to be the largest turkey hatchery in the world, is equipped to set 60 million eggs a year when at full capacity. The design incorporated thought processes similar to a hospital to prevent the introduction of diseases and ensure the welfare of the birds. 

“This hatchery is the result of good partnerships,” says Rick VanderSpek, chief executive officer. “From the initial discussions with customers and site selection through design and construction, it has taken many people working together to get us where we are today. It has been exciting to watch this project progress, and we’re looking forward to hatching poults in September.” 

“I’m very proud of this hatchery and the hard work that the people here in Indiana have done to bring this project to fruition,” adds Jihad Douglas, president of Aviagen Turkeys, Lewisburg, W.V. “We appreciate the local community and the state of Indiana working with us to find the site and secure the resources to get the project underway. Thank you to L. B. Smith & Associates [Monroe, N.C.] and to Jamesway Incubator Co. [Canada] for working with us on the design and equipment. Finally, we appreciate the working relationship that we have with Garmong Construction [Terre Haute, Ind.] and their ability to take those designs and build this facility. Our customers were the driving force to build this new hatchery. We needed to build a facility to produce high-quality poults in proximity to their operations. We are fortunate to have owners that are committed to investing in infrastructure and the future of the turkey industry. Working together, we have come a long way, and we’re pleased to be an integral part of this industry and this community.”