Trucker Tools LLC, Reston, Va., released improvements to its Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App for truckers and small fleets to include Smart Capacity for Brokers.

The Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App is a smartphone-based mobile app deployed by truckers and small fleet operators to simplify and streamline tasks involved in the day-to-day planning and operation of their trucks.

A cloud-based application suite integrated with major TMS software providers, Smart Capacity streamlines how brokers operate, utilizing a next-generation, predictive freight-matching and capacity connectivity platform.

The Smart Capacity application suite mirrors and replicates much of the core predictive capacity and freight-matching functionality provided to brokers, but is designed specifically for the needs of owner-operators and small-fleet dispatchers.

How it works is, drivers access the Smart Capacity tools through the Trucker Tools mobile app on their GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet. As the driver is en-route with a current load, the application proactively searches new loads that are available and in proximity to the driver’s delivery destination. The driver can then view multiple loads from various brokers, presented in ranking order with best on top. The driver then selects the load best suited for the current location and preferred future route.

The app incorporates driver-selected lane, broker and load preferences, as well as specific business rules and algorithms to locate, present and rank optimum premium available loads. The application also has a “quick match” feature, which pushes nearby “last-minute” loads available within 24 hours. 

Key enhancements include:

Route planning and fuel optimization. Route planning received improvements in function, resource access and user interface to provide more flexibility, ease of use and complete results. Drivers use the route planning and fuel optimizer to set up turn-by-turn directions identifying the most cost-efficient route to destination. The app projects estimated fuel economy based on route, and recommends optimal, lowest price refueling stops along the route. This feature also links to weather and traffic sites and incorporates potential weather or traffic impacts into route planning, alternate route recommendations and updated ETAs.

Truck stop, rest area and service locator. Based on the identified route, the app finds and displays accurate truck stop and rest area information, and projects time to arrival at each location, as well as parking spaces. This enables the driver to search for and identify other amenities, such as truck servicing locations, truck dealerships, collision repair, weigh scales and truck washes, store locations and other useful driver resources. Upgraded data sources and process changes provide faster and more complete results.

Load track. Utilizing a smartphone’s GPS capability, this function provides fully automated shipment tracking along the route and updated, real-time ETAs, including provisions for traffic and weather impacts. Improvements to maps and route displays, as well as automated processes notify shippers and dispatchers of ETA updates and changes. Shippers can also call up an individual truck and view a map with the trucker’s selected route, real-time GPS-updated progress to destination and potential delays.

Document scanning. The mobile app’s document scanning tool allows the trucker to take a picture of the bill of lading, and upon delivery and signature by the consignee, send a secured, confidential image to the shipper or broker. Built-in fraud prevention features deliver a trusted, reliable document image, eliminating manual processing steps and speeding up payment to the trucker.

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