Mission Produce, Oxnard, Calif., opened a state-of-the-art ripening and distribution center in Portland, Ore. This new forward distribution center (FDC) will expand Mission’s capabilities in the Pacific-Northwest. 

“Portland, Ore., is a great location for our new FDC,” says Ben Barnard, vice president of global partnerships and business development. “This new facility, at 58,000 square feet, will expand our ripe capacity by providing 10 ripe rooms that are each capable of storing 24 pallets. Also, the facility will enhance our cold storage by offering two coolers and a cutting-edge refrigerated control system.”

The Portland facility will also house five functional refrigerated loading docks and five temporary non-refrigerated docks. 

“Mission is extremely excited about this new facility,” adds Steve Barnard, president and CEO. “We are always looking ahead and considering the demand for avocados. Our continued growth within the ripe category is necessary. This FDC is strategically positioned in Portland, Ore., to broaden our ripe capacities in the Pacific-Northwest region, keeping Mission within a 24-hour truck-drive away anywhere nationwide.” 

“Our team of Mission-trained experts were thrilled to host this grand opening. They are ready to continue assisting the Pacific-Northwest region with their ripening expertise and knowledge of the avocado industry standards,” says Ryan Fink, vice president of North American operations. “By continuing to expand our facilities, we are able to better serve our growing customer base with additional capacity to react when needed. Also, with the upgraded refrigeration and ripening controls, we are able to continue to monitor and ensure conditions stay optimal to deliver the highest quality fruit to our customers daily.”