Rez-1, Inc., Wellesley, Mass., announced a new name, Blume Global, which better captures the company’s vision and mission to help the global supply chain ecosystem—from retailers and manufacturers to logistics service providers to railroads and ocean carriers to motor carriers—drive innovation and growth.

“The supply chain is radically transforming, and with this transformation, we have the opportunity to look beyond efficiencies only and leverage technology and innovation to drive growth and value and still bring down costs. At the same time, we can be more purposeful in how we leverage the supply chain, by reducing waste or enabling our customers’ CSR initiatives or in education and training and the re-skilling that must happen with advances in technology. Building on more than two decades of operational and data insights and our network to power networks, we are bringing a trusted, proven platform to enable this more purposeful, growth-centered supply chain from the largest enterprises to the smallest drayage drivers,” says Pervinder Johar, chief executive officer.