Through its REZ-1 platform, Blume Global, Wellesley, Mass., announced new solutions designed to power a real-time, collaborative global supply chain ecosystem—from retailers and manufacturers, to logistics service providers, to railroads and ocean carriers to motor carriers.

The solutions portfolio includes:

Blume Assets (REZ-1) enables carriers, service providers and retailers to manage their key assets, including containers, chassis, trailers and more, across the entire lifecycle.

  • Accurate and dynamic asset tracking, inventory management and reservations.
  • Financial management, billing and settlement.
  • Maintenance and repair, including work order management and fleet management.

Blume Logistics enables execution of all aspects of logistics across the supply chain, including first- and last-mile visibility and fulfillment.

  • Automates and standardizes real-time first- and last-mile updates to increase data visibility.
  • Connects LSPs to 100% of its global motor carrier network.
  • Improves visibility and control over transportation spend.
  • Enhances customer service and vendor relations.

Blume Visibility delivers end-to-end visibility across inventory and shipments, including in-motion inventory.

  • End-to-end shipment visibility at SKU level for buyers and shippers.
  • End-to-end visibility of inventory, including inventory in motion for accelerated decision making.
  • Multi-mode transport visibility, including road, ocean, rail, air and barge.
  • Multi-mode connectivity for real time tracking, such as API, EDI, IoT and data streaming.
  • Dashboard and visualizations for arrival monitoring and exception alerting.

Blume Optimization enables routing and asset utilization and enables agility in capacity planning.

  • Machine learning-driven demand/supply matching for assets, transportation legs and truck power.
  • Street turn execution at a granular level.
  • In-transit inventory visualization.
  • Flowstack approach to container throughput for faster moves through terminals.

Blume Finance enables transparency and visibility for freight audit and pay, automating transactions, verification and settlement.

  • Smart contract repository.
  • Rating management and validation.
  • Machine learning-driven invoice and cost accrual auditing.
  • Blockchain-enabled payment and settlement.

Blume Digital Platform is a modern, data-driven platform that connects trading partners in a neutral, collaborative supply chain ecosystem to drive value and growth. The Blume Digital Platform leverages the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, big data, intelligent robotic process automation and Internet of Things to help customers digitize their supply chains and drive continuous innovation.

Blume Universe is an AI-powered, next-generation command center for real-time insights, automated exception management and predictive analytics to drive efficiencies through automation and deliver business value through predictive capabilities.

Blume Global