AgilePQ, Salt Lake City, Utah, released its revolutionary new platform to secure the smallest of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint and edge gateway devices.

The AgilePQ SLiM (Secure Last IoT Mile) product was specifically developed to secure the last mile in logistics, supply chain, retail, inventory management, artificial intelligence facial recognition, transportation and other key segments.

AgilePQ’s platform is specifically designed with a total code footprint of only 2.4 KB on IoT endpoint devices and a fully featured tool for rapid integration into customer IoT platforms.

SLiM provides secure data-in-transit from cloud-to-endpoint and all points in between. In addition to enabling a secure last mile, AgilePQ SLiM deploys several compelling capabilities that allow the IoT ecosystem to uniquely differentiate its offerings. Key differentiators include:

  • Code footprint (Flash) less than 2.4 KB.
  • Operational memory (RAM) has a footprint smaller than 2 KB.
  • Transport layer similar to TLS with 1/10th the data to connect.
  • Processing speeds said to be up to 5 times faster than legacy AES/TLS.
  • Reduces power (battery) usage up to 85% over AES/TLS.
  • Uses a key space that is 429 orders of magnitude greater than legacy AES-256.
  • Not susceptible to quantum computer attacks.
  • Boasts an agile and adaptable key size and encryption block size.
  • Data-in-transit security for numerous protocols (e.g., Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, etc.)