Logistics terminals by noax offer high security in data transfer and wide coverage in support of current WLAN standards. The new internal WLAN antennas on the logistics PCs provide excellent reception capabilities and are designed specifically for mobile use.

Maximum WLAN Reception

Continuous uninterrupted data transfer is essential for smooth operations in warehouses and logistics. Stellar WLAN reception on the logistics terminals is critical when it comes to equipping a fleet of industrial vehicles. Depending on the WLAN coverage and application, noax logistics touchscreen computers can be equipped with integrated or external antennas. This allows the PC’s to perfectly adapt to the respective infrastructure. The logistics industrial PCs support both frequency bands: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

Optimized Roaming and Network Connectivity 

Two common problems when moving between WLAN (WiFi) access points are intermittent connectivity and loss of data. noax counteracts these performance limitations with the use of improved connectivity components and specific positioning of integrated antennas (external antennas are available). The noax logistics terminal has several options to adjust the internal wireless settings to improve connectivity. The excellent transmission capabilities and optimized design result in better connectivity and reduced loss of data.

Cellular and WiFi Flexibility

WLAN coverage may not be available everywhere, especially on large company campuses. For very large campuses where complete coverage with WLAN is not possible, noax logistics terminals can be equipped with a mobile phone card and suitable antennas. The ability to utilize cellular networks guarantees mobility and data availability.

Tried and Tested in Practical Applications

These features ensure extremely reliable mobile applications for noax logistics terminals. This is critical where continuous and uninterrupted data transfer is essential.

In the high-bay warehouse at HUK-COBURG Insurance Group, the stable WLAN on the noax logistics computer ensures continuous data streaming. Due to considerable interruptions with WLAN in the existing inventory of vehicle computers, HUK-COBURG opted for noax industrial PCs because of their powerful WLAN reception. HUK-Coburg uses the logistics terminals with external antennas for the high-reach forklifts because they are specifically designed for areas with poor coverage. The new vehicle computers have internal antennas that reliably operate, even in areas with poor coverage.