Cedarlane Foods, Los Angeles, introduced a variety of new plant-based, protein-packed products, including:

Ranchero Tofu Scramble, a medley of tofu, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, artichoke, Portobello mushrooms and kale.

Creamed Spinach and Kale with Swiss Chard, a twist on the classic vegetable side that achieves its creaminess with coconut milk, cashews and almonds.

Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Mac & Cheeze, a combination of macaroni-style pasta, pumpkin and butternut squash purees and vegan, mozzarella-style cheese.

Penne Alfredo with Peas & Cheeze, a hearty pasta entrée that incorporates penne, green peas and vegan mozzarella-style cheese.

Tofu-based No Egg Salad and No Tuna Salad.

Each of Cedarlane’s new plant-based items are prepared via high-pressure processing (HPP), and are vegan and dairy-free. 

“As veterans in providing consumers with easy, convenient, and most importantly, clean food options for nearly four decades, we know our health-conscious consumers are always looking for new products that not only taste great, but [also] provide unparalleled nutritional benefits,” says Robert Atallah, chief executive officer. “We’ve been championing the importance of a diet rich in vegetables since our founding, and are proud to continue providing families and individuals with a diverse new variety of delicious, nourishing options you can prepare in just minutes.”

These plant-based products are available sold in Sprouts markets nationwide, and are expected to roll out in additional grocers later this year.