Drivewyze, Austin, Texas, launched Drivewyze Insights, a new data-driven safety reporting service that delivers safety and violation information.

With Drivewyze’s PreClear service, customers receive weigh station bypasses based on a variety of factors, including safety scores, which are driven by crash and inspection data. Drivewyze Insights collects inspection and violation source data across all 50 states as much as 3-4 weeks earlier than what’s available through FMCSA’s Safety Measurement Portal. The data is then compiled and analyzed into actionable intelligence for fleet managers.

Drivewzye Insights also provides information beyond the top location clusters of violations by informing managers of the top violation types encountered in high violation areas. For instance, each category shows the number of infractions and weightings by the severity score, and is then compared to a fleet’s peer group. 


Drivewyze, Inc.