H-E-B, San Antonio, Texas, broke ground on a 1.6 million-square-foot warehouse situated on San Antonio’s East side.

The San Antonio Super Regional Grocery Warehouse Construction will become H-E-B’s largest investment into its manufacturing and supply chain division as well as its largest single-build warehouse.

Construction is set for completion in late 2019, with the facility expected to be up and running in 2020. Stretched along Interstate 10 and Foster Road, the development will give the company room to grow and the warehouse will provide additional space for dry goods and other grocery products as well as supply volume relief at its other facilities in San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas.

“As San Antonio grows, we’ve been honored to grow with it, expanding our footprint of stores and digital retail offerings to serve more Texans,” says Carson Landsgard, senior vice president of supply chain and logistics. “More than anything, the construction of our newest warehouse facility supports H-E-B’s future and ongoing commitment to be the best in-store and digital retailer in Texas.”

For more than 50 years, the distribution center along Rittiman Road in San Antonio has serviced the city and surrounding areas. When it was built in the 1960s, the warehouse measured about 120,000 square feet and housed roughly 3,800 grocery items. The new facility will hold more than 17,000 grocery items, and with 200 loading docks to start, roughly 180 trailers will make outbound deliveries from there each day. Once in operation, the warehouse, which will incorporate solar power solutions and centralized HVAC system, will be the most energy efficient facility in the company’s industrial network.

At the start, construction will bring on 600-700 employees.

Long term, H-E-B plans to develop a master-planned campus at the location, which will include manufacturing, warehouse and transportation. Currently, there are no plans for other development on the property aside from the warehouse project. The company purchased the undeveloped land in September 2017.