AIT Worldwide Logistics, Itasca, Calif., expanded its global footprint with the acquisition of ConneXion World Cargo, a UK-based freight forwarder with five additional locations in Asia, Europe and North America.

This acquisition fulfills a long-term goal for AIT Worldwide to establish a greater presence in the United Kingdom.

“AIT has many customers in the UK with consistently high cargo volume and the company’s aspiration to expand there has intensified in recent years,” says Vaughn Moore, president and CEO of AIT Worldwide. “This acquisition also reinforces AIT customers’ supply chains in the UK with robust local expertise, particularly when it comes to licensing and customs connections. Adding the ConneXion group to our global team will help mitigate any uncertainty our customers with business in the UK may have with respect to the forthcoming Brexit milestones.”

“AIT is thrilled to expand our operations in Europe with the acquisition of ConneXion World Cargo,” he adds. “We welcome our new ConneXion colleagues in Asia, Europe and North America to our global team, and we look forward to supporting ConneXion’s loyal customers.”

“ConneXion is an excellent fit for AIT, especially since their company culture is so similar to ours. The members of their management team have a long tenure with the business during which they have cultivated impressive long-lasting partnerships with their customers,” says Ray Fennelly, chief information officer for AIT Worldwide. “They are a financially stable full-service provider with extensive local relationships and knowledge; we are very pleased that ConneXion’s global team of logistics professionals have joined AIT.”

ConneXion World Cargo has offices in Halifax, Canada; Hong Kong, China and Paris, France, as well as UK-based operational centers in London, Exeter and Manchester. The newly acquired company’s six locations will be overseen by Greg Weigel, executive vice president, global operations, AIT Worldwide.