Interflon, Swanton, Vt., introduced MicPol high-performance lubricants to the U.S. and Canada markets.

These food-safe lubricants are formulated to resist the lubricant washout that occurs in areas that undergo harsh sanitation regimes, such as the use of cleaning chemicals or high-pressure water spray.

The MicPol portfolio entails:

  • Food Lube with MicPol, a liquid that can be applied via aerosol spray or automatic dispenser, which dries to a solid film (NSF H1, kosher, halal).
  • Grease LT2 with MicPol, a pumpable grease for extreme temperature applications that remains viscous from -40°F to 300°F (NSF H1, kosher, halal).
  • Paste HT1200 with MicPol, a ceramic-based lubricant, assembly and anti-seizing paste, available in aerosol or tube form that resists temperatures up to 2,100°F (NSF H1, kosher, halal).

MicPol derives its name from the process of micronization and polarization that solid lubricant particles undergo. These particles possess creeping abilities that even allow them to penetrate sealed bearings.

Because they are polarized, MicPol particles adhere to surfaces magnetically rather than viscously, which accounts for their staying power.

Interflon USA, Inc.