Mokon, Buffalo, N.Y., redesigned its Duratherm MAX water system line.

The new design incorporates a top air discharge to direct waste heat away from personnel, increased mechanical compartment ventilation, greater access to components for maintenance and improved overall performance of the system.  

Mokon’s Duratherm MAX is a line of high-performance water systems with temperatures up to 380°F and system pressures up to 300 PSI. Duratherm MAX is ideal for restrictive processes and high-temperature water applications. 

The Duratherm MAX design features a stainless-steel heater vessel that meets ASME standards. The system utilizes nonferrous and stainless-steel materials of construction and a seal-less magnetic drive turbine pump fitted with a stainless-steel impeller. The Duratherm MAX incorporates a unique fan-cooled heat exchanger that provides safe cooling of the process fluid and eliminates thermal shock, flashing to steam, mineral buildup and expansion noise.

Additional features include single zone configurations, microprocessor-based controller in easily accessible panel, SCR power controller extending heater life, fast cycling and energy savings, NEMA 12-rated electrical enclosure with safety door disconnect switch and meets NFPA 79 electrical safety standards.