Lifeway Foods, Inc., Morton Grove, Ill., partnered with TruFusion Fitness Studios, Coral Gables, Fla., to launch a co-branded probiotic protein smoothie called TruEnergy fueled by Lifeway.

TruEnergy is an 8-ounce kefir drink that provides the benefits of 21 grams of protein and 12 live and active probiotic cultures to meet workout recovery needs.

“It’s an honor to partner with TruFusion to provide their members with a convenient, on-the-go probiotic protein solution that’s formulated to nourish the whole body,” says Julie Smolyansky, chief executive officer of Lifeway Foods. “Most protein drinks are only concerned with building muscle. At Lifeway, we know that your gut should be just as strong as your biceps and your quads. We’ve created a fitness drink that serves the whole body, including support for digestion and immunity. We know the protein, probiotics and nourishment from our kefir will be of great value to TruTribe members looking to get the most of their workouts, and we’re grateful for our like-minded partners at TruFusion.”

“We are excited to launch TruEnergy, our new wellness beverage in collaboration with Lifeway Foods, a brand well-known for their support of the fitness community and athletic events. This is TruFusion’s first co-branded grab-and-go offering as we recognize our members’ need for convenient probiotic and protein-packed offerings to fuel their bodies pre- or post-workout,” says Steve Rockman, chief marketing officer for TruFusion.