Carrefour, France, announced plans to work with MiiMOSA Transition, a crowdfunding platform. This initiative stems from its commitment with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Switzerland, to help producers switch over to organic farming methods.  

Carrefour joins forces with Danone, France; Herta, a Germany-based Nestlé brand; D’Aucy International, France; and Les Paysans de Rougeline, France, to launch MiiMOSA Transition. All parties involved will provide financial support to help producers launch agricultural projects based on virtuous crop-growing practices, such as agroecology and organic farming methods. This solution encourages producers to upgrade their farming, livestock-rearing and production methods as part of a progress and agricultural transition initiative.

In joining the MiiMOSA Transition project, Carrefour acquired a new facility that will bolster the support needed for the agricultural transition.

“Our commitment with MiiMOSA is a milestone for Carrefour as part of its drive to support the agricultural transition. It's something that our producer partners have wanted, as well as all consumers,” says Laurent Vallée, general secretary of Carrefour.

“Our collaboration with Carrefour is evidence of the paradigm shift that we are seeing in funding for agriculture and food. By joining forces with MiiMOSA transition, Carrefour has decided to provide its suppliers with an innovative, nationwide and inclusive funding solution that involves everybody. Its role will be of key importance in coordinating and co-funding its producers, supporting them as they make the switch to practices that are more virtuous for both consumers and the planet,” adds Florian Breton, founder of MiiMOSA Transition.