Lakeside Foods, Inc., Manitowoc, Wis., acquired Riverside Foods, a Two Rivers, Wis.-based processor of frozen cheese appetizers, vegetables and seafood for the foodservice industry under the Kettle Brau (beer-battered products), Triversâ (cheese curds and cookies), Super Samplers (combination of fried mushrooms, onion rings and cheese curds), Smokehouse (smoke-flavored products) and Riverside (frozen fish and seafood) brand names.

“Riverside expands the breadth of high-quality innovative products we offer the customers, including in the growing category of cheese products,” says Glen Tellock, president and CEO, Lakeside Foods. “Its specialty foods diversify our business into markets adjacent to our frozen and canned private label vegetables and bring new market opportunities, innovation and balance to our business. Both company’s deep relationships with restaurant chains will also drive additional top line expansion, while the geographic proximity of both businesses in Northeast Wisconsin will create immediate supply chain synergies. As people seek more prepared meal options, consumers enjoy Riverside products for their quality and flavor. Everyone at Lakeside welcomes the more than 100 dedicated people of Riverside to the Lakeside family.”

“This strategic alignment will allow us to immediately enhance our manufacturing expertise and growth capabilities, with Lakeside’s production capacity, supply chain and shipping network,” adds Mark Kornely, president and co-owner of Riverside. “I am pleased to have the opportunity to continue to grow Riverside with another local, family-owned business that values the high levels of quality and service on which we’ve built our business over more than 50 years. We will continue to support the city of Two Rivers and the surrounding communities, with current production remaining unchanged and plans for future growth at our present location. In getting to know Lakeside, I believe this combination is a complementary fit in many ways.”

Riverside is co-owned by Kornely, Mike Yauger and Paul Becker, all of whom will remain with the business.