SafeTraces, Pleasanton, Calif., and Mérieux NutriSciences, Chicago, partnered to bring innovative, fully integrated solutions to the produce sector.

Combining saniDART, a DNA-based solution, and EnviroMap, an environmental monitoring program, the two companies will allow produce manufacturers to more easily manage their plant sanitation processes and decrease risk of contamination.

SafeTraces' saniDART solution uses a system of non-living, food-grade, DNA-tagged particles that behave like pathogenic bacteria under the action of sanitizers. These particles become the basis for a 15-minute, on-site sanitation verification for food processing plants.

"This partnership represents a joint commitment to food safety," says Tim Freier, vice president of scientific affairs and microbiology at Mérieux NutriSciences North America. "The unique combination of saniDART and EnviroMap is really going to add a powerful, innovative element to food safety and sanitizing programs in the produce environment."

"Integrated with an environmental monitoring system, the saniDART solution now supports scheduling, notifications, corrective actions and data analysis," says Anthony Zografos, founder and CEO of SafeTraces. "EnviroMap offers the full functionality in a secure, cloud-based system, and it was seamlessly integrated with saniDART to provide incredible capability and a wealth of future options."

"We are excited to be partnering with such an innovative player in the produce industry," says Agnès Houpiart-Dupré, vice president of digital solutions for Mérieux NutriSciences. "They are doing great things for food safety, and are committed to protecting public health. As partners with similar missions, we are happy to be working together with SafeTraces."