RE’FLEKT, a San Francisco-based augmented reality startup, received a $5.7 million investment from Prosegur, a Spain-based private security company.

The investment aims to add value to the security sector with mature scalable technology that can improve and enhance daily activities whilst benefiting from the growth of augmented reality (AR) across all enterprise markets.

“An investment partnership with a global leader in the security sector confirms our belief that the playing field of markets where augmented reality can bring added value is much larger than commonly considered. The security sector is yet another field where we see augmented significantly impact improvements to enterprise workflows with accurate and understandable data visualizations. We are excited to use this investment to continue our strong growth in new markets and further invest in our team and products,” says Wolfgang Stelzle, founder and CEO of RE’FLEKT.

“Prosegur, as an international leader in the security industry, is continuously looking for ideas to lead the tech-based product transformation in our sector. We are very excited to start our collaboration with RE’FLEKT, as we see enormous advantages in bringing augmented reality to our operations. AR can add great value in all our three business units—security, cash and alarms. We consider that augmented reality clearly stood out as a mature technology that will help us in training, daily operations and maintenance activities, solving daily obstacles in a simplified manner. Our investment justifies our belief in the added value of RE’FLEKT solutions within our organization as well as the future it holds to have a dramatic impact on the global industrial business market,” adds Javier López Huerta, managing director of Prosegur Tech Ventures.

RE’FLEKT has been developing its enterprise augmented and mixed reality ecosystem since 2012.

“The RE’FLEKT platform helps machine operators and maintenance personnel eliminate mistakes and significantly increase uptime,” says Stelzle.

This follows another investment received from BASF Venture Capital, San Francisco, last year.