AC Goatham & Son, UK, acquired its 28th farm in Kent, UK, a 180-acre farm taking the total land it farms to 2,830 acres, with a further 2,000 acres farmed by its partner growers also in Kent.

With the addition of this new farm, the business will plant around 380,000 new fruit trees this year, just weeks after completing the planting of over 220,000 trees in 2018.

“Our current focus as a business is to continue our planting scheme of Royal Gala, Cameo and Conference Pears and also exciting new varieties of apples,” says Carol Ford, commercial director. “We are getting ever closer to achieving our goal of providing a 12-month supply of our British delicious quality tasting and looking apples and pears to the UK market. We have recently completed infrastructure projects such as additional cold stores to support the volume of fruit we are growing, and once again this year, we will be the only British grower supplying the market in August. We are determined that despite the shadow of Brexit hanging over all British growers, we will continue to focus on our growth plans for 2019 and beyond.”