Mastronardi Produce, Canada, teamed up with John Paul DeJoria, an entrepreneur, to make quality produce more widely accessible. The partnership will focus on developing advanced high-density farming systems to grow local fresh food in under-served markets around the globe.

Advanced high-density farming systems are individual collections of existing and developing high-tech growing innovations and equipment. Each customized system will include cutting-edge growing facilities, revolutionary automation, water-saving irrigation, energy efficient lighting and state-of-the-art systems for monitoring growing conditions.

“We believe everyone should have healthy and fresh produce options. John Paul shares our commitment, and we saw the potential to work together on this global high-tech farming initiative, which will focus on growing healthy food where it’s needed most,” says Paul Mastronardi, president and CEO of Mastronardi Produce.

“Partnering with Mastronardi Produce was an easy choice,” says DeJoria. “I want to help revolutionize this industry, so more people have access to fresh produce, and finally found the opportunity in partnering with Paul, who is a trailblazing force in the category. He pioneered high-tech berry growing, branded the first tomato and led the way in plastic reduction—it is apparent that we share a passion for disruptive innovation.”