The Star Group of Cos., Canada, is taking its first step in reducing plastic throughout its supply chain.

“We are shifting our focus internally and looking at innovation through a different lens,” says David Karwacki, chief executive officer. “By engaging customers, suppliers and pure science, we can come up with eloquent solutions that consumers will love. We all know that people want to make a difference in reducing plastic. As an industry if we join together we can make changes quickly.”  

The Star Group’s successes to date include:

  • Continued implementation of top-seal on multiple products resulting in 30% reduction in plastic per container.
  • Inspired Greens whole head lettuce in recyclable sleeves transformed 2 million potential pounds of PETE plastic to under 100,000 pounds of recyclable sleeves. 
  • Reduced the gage of plastic in packaging, resulting in up to 11% reduction per punnet.
  • Pallet wrapping machines that utilize recyclable wrap in all facilities that consistently and efficiently wrap pallets result in a 60% reduction of plastic wrap.
  • Cardboard and plastic in all facilities is bailed and recycled.
  • All organic waste is composted.
  • Offices recycle paper, plastic, refundable containers and eliminated plastic water bottles.