CERTUS, Chicago, released Empower, an intuitive pathogen environmental monitoring software for food producers.

Empower combines a complete pathogen test workflow with a comprehensive facility management system, allowing producers to improve food safety and build customer trust by efficiently planning, testing, remediating and tracking results within their production plants.

Empower software is installed on the Control Pad (9.7” iPad), and the software guides technicians through daily testing protocol, including sample locations and step-by-step workflow directions. While sensitive customer data is securely stored in the CERTUS Detection Unit, Empower communicates wirelessly with the Detection Unit to initiate tests, monitor progress, record results and alert stakeholders instantly with text and email messages.

Empower integrates a producer’s schedule with a unique facility map for complete visibility by production staff directing when and where to perform the day’s environmental monitoring sampling. The software tracks testing records and corrective actions while providing easy-to-create custom reports for internal, client and regulatory audits. Empower’s real-time and comprehensive quality management features give stakeholders insight into problem areas that may require proactive correction.