Built for rapid cycling and applications requiring continuous operation, the DHS VSD+ from Atlas Copco, Acworth, Ga., is a truly clean, zero-contamination range of four dry vacuum pumps that require no water or oil cooling. As a result, there’s zero chance of water contaminating the final product.

Equipped with and controlled by the MKV Elektronikon, the pump features a built-in variable frequency drive soft start, which improves efficiency, extends the lifetime of the motor and eliminates the need for control panels. The pump easily integrates with plant management systems, and users receive the latest status updates on run-time, stopped hours, warnings and fault and shutdown indications.

Combined with Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK, the pump also offers remote monitoring capabilities.

Thanks to the completely dry operation of the range, no oil can migrate into the pump environment – ensuring a cleaner and safer working environment.

The grease-lubricated bearings and the belt are the only parts that require replacement. The belt itself can be changed without external service support within 30 minutes and comprises of only 50 parts.

Atlas Copco