BOLT System, Cincinnati, announced BOLT Tandem Workflow, a new mobile app that’s connected to customer accounts and provides drivers with a suite of services to improve driving productivity and streamline paperwork.

BOLT Tandem Workflow augments what electronic logging devices provide.

Through BOLT Tandem Workflow, drivers are shown a map of their route to their delivery drop, along with an estimated time of arrival. By hitting the weather symbol, drivers can see any potential weather alerts – such as snow warnings in the mountains, or heavy rain or high wind alerts. Likewise, they can click on the traffic icon to see if there are potential traffic issues such as bridge or road closures. Once the driver is on the road, the app gives directions to the final destination.

From an operations standpoint, customers can message individual drivers, or broadcast messages to all drivers through the app. Once the delivery is made, the BOLT app documents and transmits bills of lading.

BOLT System