Veroni, an Italy-based cured meats company, launched a new line of Italian panini.

The range of Panino Italiano is available in mild salami, spicy salami and prosciutto. All cold cuts are produced in Italy and imported into the United States, where they are then accompanied with 100% Italian Provolone Cheese and Naples’ rustic pizza bread.

"Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity—this is the philosophy that has guided us in creating the Panino Italiano line," says Antonio Corsano, chief executive officer. "A no-frills panini that we prepare with just bread, cold cuts and cheese, just how Italian consumers love to enjoy it. We have studied the first three references of the line to satisfy all palates, ensuring the taste and quality of the best cold cuts 100% made in Italy combined with a bread inspired by pizza and the strong taste of provolone cheese.”

Panino Al Salame consists of spicy Veroni salami and and smooth Provolone cheese combined in a rustic bread roll from Naples.

Panino Al Salame also comes in a Mild Salami version that is paired with classic Veroni salami with Provolone in a rustic bread roll from Naples.

Panino Al Prosciutto pairs Veroni's cured ham with a smooth note of Provolone cheese in a rustic roll from Naples.

"The U.S. market for savory snacks continues to grow, and at the same time, American consumers are showing increasing interest in quality, simple and healthy products," says Marco Veroni, president. "Our company aims to take advantage of both these trends by studying products that combine the needs of fast purchasing and consumption with uncompromising quality. This choice of ours has been rewarded in terms of results, with us closing January 2019 with a growth of 60% compared to the same period of the previous year.”