PerkinElmer, Inc., Waltham, Mass., launched the DA 6200 NIR analyzer, designed to help meat processors conduct quality and process control more accurately, easily and quickly.

The DA 6200 analyzer is based on next-generation diode array near-infrared transmission spectroscopy (NIR) technology, which provides accurate test results of fat, moisture and protein levels in a sample as well as collagen, salt and ash, in 30 seconds.

The DA 6200 analyzer helps sausage, ground meat or poultry producers retrieve the highest yield from incoming unprocessed meat, can improve consistency in production and verify compliance with regulatory and brand standards for quality of the final product.

The compact size and battery power option make the DA 6200 analyzer fully portable, allowing flexibility in the production environment. Plus, its intuitive touchpad screen helps technicians and scientists generate clear, easy-to-read results.

The analyzer is also equipped with customized meat calibrations designed to work across a range of product types, eliminating the need for on-site collaboration development.

PerkinElmer, Inc.