Air Products, Lehigh Valley, Pa., highlighted its latest food freezing and chilling equipment for meat and poultry processors.

Some of the equipment on display included:

Freshline LIN-IS Solution. A tailor-made temperature control system that uses liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to deliver rapid, precise temperature control to a blender or mixer/grinder, enabling food manufacturers to optimize processing speed and product quality.

Freshline MP Tunnel Freezer. Designed with efficiency and hygiene in mind, the MP freezer uses unmatched heat transfer capability to achieve cryogenic temperatures throughout the entire length of the tunnel.

Freshline IQ Tunnel Freezer. Offers food processors continuous high throughput for a broad range of products with easy cleanup and minimal up-front capital investment.

Process intelligence. Remote monitoring featuring Air Products' Process Intelligence, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things, allows food processors to troubleshoot and track efficiency of their food processing equipment.

Air Products