CO2 air-cooled Condensing Units

M&M Carnot announces Aquilon DS, our new line of CO2 air-cooled Condensing Units (CDUs). The addition of the Aquilon DS product line extends our industrial refrigeration product portfolio of transcritical CO2 solutions that include industrial racks, chillers, heat pumps, and Aquilon DC (data centers) cooling systems. The Aquilon DS product line confirms our commitment to products that use environmentally safe, natural refrigerants, including CO2 in this product, ammonia in our packaged products/systems, and both ammonia and CO2 in our Cascade systems. The high-pressure designed Aquilon DS product line includes fully welded stainless-steel piping, high-pressure compressors, and system components as standard. All Aquilon DS CDUs have fully integrated air-cooled condenser/gas coolers with an option for adiabatic condensers.

M&M Carnot

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The new COOL-FIT PE Plus pre-insulated polyethylene piping system from GF Piping Systems offers a technological leap in process cooling. The new system builds on the excellent performance of its predecessor by providing even higher thermal efficiency, significantly reduced maintenance and operational costs, and faster installation time. The system is ideal for food and beverage production, refrigerated storage facilities, dairies, fruit and vegetable processors, slaughterhouses, breweries and supermarkets. COOL-FIT PE Plus includes a complete range of pre-insulated pipe, fittings, valves and hoses that efficiently convey brine, glycol, ethanol, and cooled water in temperatures from 58°F to 140°F (-50°C to 60°C). All surfaces are sealed and vapor tight and 100% UV-resistant. The system is 100% maintenance-free and will not corrode over time. COOL-FIT PE Plus offers up to 25% more energy efficiency than competitive systems.

GF Piping Systems

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Danfoss AK-RC 251 Optyma Control

The Danfoss AK-RC 251 Optyma Control can control compressors, solenoids, fans, lights, crankcase heaters, and up to two defrosts. The Optyma Control features a weatherproof enclosure and is compatible with standard 3⁄4 inch fittings. Easy to wire and quick to mount, this temperature controller can reduce installation time by up to 60% and improve room efficiency by up to 30%. For extra convenience, the control comes kitted with two NTC sensors: one five-foot sensor and one ten-foot sensor. The Optyma Control can be used in both new and existing walk-in freezer and cooler installations.


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Messer wave impingement freezer

Combining the best of both worlds, the Messer wave impingement freezer leverages the efficiency of cryogenic gas impingement flows and a wave action on the belt for high heat transfer efficiency and high-quality IQF product. The new freezer is ideal for consistent quick freezing of items like diced meats and poultry. Designed for both IQF and non-IQF foods, the freezer features high production capacity, equal to or greater than CO2 flighted freezers; reduced operating costs with heat transfer rates two to three times those of traditional cryogenic freezers; reduced overhead and unit costs; and ease of maintenance and hygienic design.


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