Take the guesswork out of grinding, honing and polishing all cutting edges with the robotic ROBO-EDGE knife sharpening system from PRIMEdge, ideal for meat and poultry processors. The fully automated ROBO-EDGE increases efficiency with processing operations while providing a low total cost of ownership. The robotic sharpening system uses minimal parts and durable, long-lasting materials—and requires only one operator. Capable of sharpening at least 60 knives an hour, operators can simultaneously test knife sharpness, refurbish other dull tools or conduct other tasks. The system also eliminates downtime with dual retractable drawers that allow one tray to be loaded while the other tray is being sharpened. In less than 60 seconds, each knife is hollow ground, honed, polished, and returned to the tray as the next knife is selected.

PRIMEdge   |   877-322-3343


Hollymatic’s Defender 4000 Band Saw

There is nothing more important than operator safety. Hollymatic’s Defender 4000 Band Saw effectively stops the saw blade 10x faster than the proverbial blink of an eye. Using patented, blade-braking technology, Hollymatic’s Defender Saw comes with special conductive gloves that are worn by the operator. In the event that the glove inadvertently comes in contact with the blade, the electronic braking mechanism will activate and stop the blade within .040 seconds, greatly reducing the risk of operator injury. 

Hollymatic   |   708-579-3700


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Compiled by Michael Costa