Dialight, Farmingdale, N.J., expanded its MicroLED surface-mount indicator line with three new products designed for high-performance and reliability in electronics, networking, automation and handheld device applications.

The 0402 (1005) SM 5988A Series is a low-current, 5 milliamp signal that’s just .039” (1.0mm) x .020” (0.5mm) x .020” (0.4mm), but delivers a vibrant punch with battery power conservation for small electronics. The small package allows for close-quarters placement, and is compatible with pick-and-place installation automation in a 4,000-piece reel. Also available in 20-piece sample strips, the new 0402 comes in 7 wavelengths, including 635nm and 625 nm Red, 605nm Orange, 590nm Yellow, 570nm Yellow-Green, 525nm Green and 470nm Blue.

The PLLC-2 3528 SM 5988B Series and Mini PLCC-2 SM 5988C Series feature an integrated reflector cup that focuses the beam, reduces light bleed and provides brighter on-axis viewability. Both are ideal for light pipe, backlighting and indicator applications, and come in six different wavelengths, including 623nm Red, 605nm Orange, 590nm Yellow, 570nm Yellow Green, 525nm Green and 470nm Blue.