Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), Anaheim, Calif., offers the LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller for plant engineers responsible for municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment operations.

This controller offers a complete process measurement analytical platform suitable for water disinfection or wastewater treatment, as well as industrial plant applications that address a wide range of parameters affecting water quality.

The highly intelligent LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller is designed to operate with up to eight digital analytical and process sensors. The measurement parameters include 50-plus unique separate liquid measurement sensors designed to support the most rigorous municipal and industrial water treatment requirements.

Selective ion sensors are available to measure ammonium, bromide, cadmium, calcium, chloride, copper, cyanide, fluoride, lead, nitrate, nitrite, potassium, silver, sodium and sulfide. 

The LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller digitally communicates with any ECD intelligent sensor, automatically configuring the controller’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. Two-way communication between the sensors and controller provide measurement data for plant process control equipment and systems                                                  

The type of sensor, identity and serial number are stored in the sensor’s memory along with calibration registers. Sensors are calibrated at the factory, so they are ready to use when connected. Plus, they’re waterproof and submersible with all internal components epoxy encapsulated inside the housing, and have various process fittings and configurations.

The LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller’s highly intuitive menu-driven navigation is accomplished using the large touchscreen display. The primary menu selections are the multi-channel main display, single channel detail screen, calibration menu, configuration menu, info screens and simulate menu.

Other display screen capabilities include the hold function, graphical display style, back light and contrast adjustments, labels/tags for naming the transmitter, password protection and a factory default re-set. Output screens include setting the digital communications output, setting the 4-20 mA ranges and fault settings, and configuring the alarm relays.



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