Carnes de Coclé, S.A., a Panama-based meat exporter, is setting top environmental standards for the meat processing industry with a new Global Water & Energy (GWE) wastewater treatment plant engineered to achieve 98% organic matter removal from the post-production wastewater.

Carnes de Coclé, a subsidiary of Panama Beef Packers Corp., uses the latest technologies and equipment to meet high international food handling regulations. 

“Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this family-owned company selected proven GWE technologies to handle their meat processing wastewater in their Panamanian facility. With an expected reduction of 98% of organic contaminants from the wastewater, Carne de Coclé ensures to return high-quality effluent to the environment, without a negative impact on the local water bodies,” says GWE, Austin, Texas.

This wastewater treatment plant removes possible pathogens, oils, grease and detergents coming from the abbatoir from the waste stream via several pre-treatment steps, including SUPERFLOT – AIR, what is said to be one of the most efficient dissolved air flotations systems on the market.

The heart of the treatment is GWE’s SEQUOX – 2, a 2-tank sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system, which reduces the degree of treatment since feeding, aeration and settlement occur in the same tank.

After the biological treatment, effluent free of nutrients can be disinfected and safely discharged to a nearby river. Carnes de Coclé also implemented an advanced solids waste management system that reduces the biological sludge volume needed for disposal.