RELEX Solutions, Atlanta, acquired Zenopt, a Finland-based provider of advanced workforce optimization systems.

RELEX’s workforce optimization and management solution will work in conjunction with Zenopt’s demand forecasting solution, automatically optimizing work shifts based on store-level demand and delivering granular data in up to 15 minutes of accuracy.

“Working with the RELEX team for the past 2 years has been extremely exciting and productive,” says Mika Halme, chief executive officer of Zenopt. “It’s allowed us to test the limits of what the software is capable of achieving in a unified retail planning context. As part of the RELEX platform, I see a lot of possibilities for how we can continue improving the solution to make a direct and positive impact for retailers.”

“By fully incorporating the workforce optimization and management solution into our solution suite, we’re able to help our customers bridge yet another gap in their retail planning,” says Mikko Kärkkäinen, group CEO of RELEX Solutions. “Our goal is always to reduce costs, increase profits, improve employee experience and help our customers keep their shoppers happy. The workforce solution is a powerful tool to achieve that goal.”