Ahold Delhaize, The Netherlands, issued its first sustainability bond, amounting to €600 million with a 6-year term, further highlighting the company's commitment to accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems. Ahold Delhaize is said to be the first retailer to issue a euro-denominated sustainability bond.

The bond's proceeds will be used to finance Ahold Delhaize's new or existing environmentally friendly projects and community initiatives in procurement of sustainably produced products, reduction of climate impact and promotion of healthier eating. These projects support the company's "healthy and sustainable" growth driver as part of its “Leading Together” strategy.

“The issuance of our first sustainability bond is a vital step in creating and sharing sustainable value for all stakeholders,” says Frans Muller, chief executive officer. “It not only can have a positive environmental and social impact, [but] it also helps us accelerate our promise to help our customers and communities eat well, save time and live better."